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How Many Miles Do Tires Last?

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The answers to “how many miles do tires last?” and “how many miles should tires last?” can differ vastly from each other depending on how you drive around Harlingen. Usually, OEM and high-quality replacement tires can last up to 50,000 miles, but some activities might change that life span. Learn more from the Boggus Tipton Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram service center

Factors That Affect Tire Lifespan 

The reason “how many miles should tires last?” and “how many miles do tires last?” can have different answers is that many McAllen drivers drive in conditions that shorten the lifespan of their tires. These factors can all affect how long your tires last:

  • Type of tire: A high-performance tire will have more grip but will wear faster than an all-season tire.
  • Treadwear rating: Different tires have different treadwear ratings. The rating can let you know how long your tires might last. 
  • Drivetrain: Your drivetrain will wear your tires differently depending on where it sends power. For example, the front wheels on a front-wheel-drive vehicle wear more quickly. 
  • Road conditions: Regularly driving off-road, driving on gravel or dirt roads, or driving where there is construction, snow, salt, rain, and ice will all wear your tires down.
  • Terrain: Inclines create more friction for tires than flat surfaces. 
  • Driving habits: If you accelerate gradually and coast to stop rather than starting or stopping suddenly, your tires wear less. 

Tips for Longer-Lasting Tires

By following these tips, you can ensure that your tires last longer as you drive around South Padre Island: 

  • Check your air pressure when you fill up your gas tank. Proper tire pressure makes a big difference. 
  • Checking your tire tread depth regularly keeps you aware of your tire wear. 
  • Regularly rotate your tires. This will evenly distribute wear.
  • Always go in for regularly scheduled maintenance. If you don’t remember when you last had your tires checked, schedule service today. 

Boggus Tipton Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Can Help You Care For Your Tires

If you have any questions about how your driving habits in Brownsville might affect your tires, contact us today and ask. We’ll be happy to help. Our other service tips and tricks can help you with caring for your car in general.


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